Our Caring & Compassionate Veterinary Team

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Campbellville Animal Hospital in Campbellville. We’re pleased to provide exceptional veterinary care for your pets!

Please call us at (905) 854-5556 to speak to one of our friendly and caring veterinary staff members.

Dr. Sandra Fazakas, BA, BSc, DVM

Director of Medicine

Our pets are dear to us. They provide us with untold stories of laughter and joy, and comfort us in our times of need. They are our family. As the medical director and proud owner of Campbellville Animal Hospital, I wish to welcome you and your pets into our family.

In 1999 I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph. I have been practising veterinary medicine ever since and have cared for countless patients over the years. What surprises me is how so many of those people and their pets have enriched my life. It has given me an insight into what makes a good veterinary experience for everyone. It is with this in mind that I hope to achieve the best possible experience for you and your beloved pet here at our hospital.

Campbellville Animal Hospital is a proud member of the hamlet of Campbellville just west of downtown Milton. We are regularly and actively involved in the local community because we feel that community matters.

I decided to choose the motto “Medical Excellence, Compassionate Care, Hometown Hospitality” because I feel those statements represent us so well. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of veterinarians use the latest technologies to provide excellent diagnostic and therapeutic options for your pet. Our skilled technicians and support staff are all animal lovers too, here to provide the extra comforts and care in times of need. Finally, our hospital has always had the warmth and friendliness of a small town establishment.

I am usually busy in the background maintaining the hospital for which I am so proud however when I am not working you will find me SCUBA diving, hiking, gardening or playing with my two rescue cats Marcel and Rincewind.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

Dr. Elizabeth Pask, PhD, DVM, CCRP


After graduating with a PhD in nutrition and toxicology in 2010, I began a journey to fulfill a life-long passion of animal medicine. In 2014, I graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Ontario Veterinary College, having developed a passion for dog sports and rehabilitation medicine a long time before that.

I am currently working on my certification in canine rehabilitation (CCRP at the University of Tennessee). I also enjoy helping dogs and cats stay healthy in general practice.

Currently, I have 3 dogs (2 Labradors and a Newfoundland dog). I regularly compete in a variety of dog sports with my Labs while Barclay the Newf enjoys a life of leisure.


Registered Veterinary Technician

I’ve always known that I wanted to work with animals; but it wasn’t until I started working in clinics and shelters that I realized my true passion. I am a 2019 Veterinary Technician graduate from Sheridan College and recently passed mt board exams to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. I am looking forward to learning new skills and continuing my journey at Campbellville Animal Hospital.


Registered Veterinary Technician

My love for animals started at a very young age. I grew up with dogs, birds, bunnies, and even a hamster. But it wasn’t until my little guy, Buddy, (and of course years later, Mia) came into the picture that I fell in love with the idea of going to work every day to help care for animals.

As soon as I could, I enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Sheridan College and graduated in 2016, earning my license a few months later. In early 2017 I joined Campbellville Animal Hospital where I happily and lovingly care for all of your wonderful fur babies!

Jim Stewart

General Manager

I am a sales, marketing and operations specialist, classically trained by a national oil company, an international tire manufacturer and several franchisors. Throughout my career, I have been able to help hundreds of small businesses to succeed, eventually starting up my own small business. I am pleased to be a team member at the Campbellville Animal Hospital, where I hope to make a difference.

I have always been a participant in life, choosing to do things and build my skills rather than spend my time watching others at the peak of their skills. I am a voracious reader, hard core scuba diver, touring motorcycle rider, hiker, geocacher, home renovator and general all round adventurer. I share my home and adventures with my wife and our rescued cat, who’s name seems to change weekly with his escapades! I am a firm believer in the Platinum Rule – do unto others as they would like to be done unto!